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This is where you can find all the important threads that helps to set up your time here on Glorified. Everything from the site's guidelines, to the site plot, clan information, and links to Warrior resources will be stored here for safe keeping. Try your best to read through the items here prior to joining/making your first character.

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Threads in this board are designed to help you stay caught up on the latest developments. The monthly activity checks will also find their home here.

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Special Features

Other items that are important, but require a more hands-on approach from the members can be found here.

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Plotter Submission

If you are in the process of creating your first character and it is finished, feel free to post your plotter here to get your first character reviewed. After the first character, you'll just need to post either in the moderation thread here on the site or in Discord to get other biographies looked at.

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Mission Board

The Mission Board will house missions and bounties that members can undertake in order to get more site currency or just to give them something to aim their threads towards.

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Plotting is the life-blood of every role-play site. This is the place to come in order to create your very own thread to garner other member's attention and bring some plots to your own characters or to take a look at characters from other members and figure out how to incorporate your own characters to them.

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Sub-boards: Clan Plotting, Adoptions, Pre-Planning Plots

Member Development

Members can request an individual board here so that they can post whatever items that will help them keep developing their characters outside of member-shared role-play threads. This is also where members can come in order to role-play their characters solo.

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In Character


RiverClan is a Clan named for the rivers that pass through their territory and known for their strong ability to swim in those rivers. Seeing as they are a Clan comprised of felines most likely to swim freely, their diet consists mostly of fish that swim in their rivers, keeping them plump even in the cruelest of leaf-bare moons when other Clans may struggle. They also hunt the prey in the plains which can include water voles, shrews, and mice.

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ThunderClan is a Clan that is known for its rich forests filled with prey that includes birds, squirrels, voles, mice, and the occasional rabbit. The felines within the Clan are the only ones in the forest known to bunch their hindquarters prior to leaping to catch their prey and have the sense to stay upwind of prey. They have excellent stalking skills, keeping low to the ground.

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There is an old saying that circulates through the other Clans that the cold north winds from the mountains chilled the hearts of every ShadowClan cat. Felines in ShadowClan have a reputation for being proud, loyal, defensive, and slightly arrogant, but those traits can be misunderstood by the other Clans. ShadowClan felines hunt most effectively at night, knowing how to blend themselves in with the shadows to sneak up on their prey. Their sources of food consist mostly of lizards and amphibians. They can also hunt rats from carrionplace, though they must be careful not to eat crow-food that can bring back a terrible sickness to the Clan.

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WindClan felines are loyal and tough and usually incredibly dedicated to StarClan and the Warrior Code, partially due to the fact that they are the Clan closest to StarClan in that their territory rests before the Moonstone. Their diet mostly consists of rabbits and hares that live on the open moors. They tend to be smaller and wirier than the other Clans and known to be some of the fastest in the forest.

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The borders divide the forest up between the four Clans. They are patrolled often and are spots with the most likely outcome to see skirmishes if two patrols meet in an unsavory fashion. Some have natural defenses to stop the other Clan from crossing, while others might be conditional and easier to cross/contest.

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Neutral Territory

There is plenty of territory surrounding the Clans that belong to no one Clan. These lands can be home to loners, rogues, or even kittypets depending on where a feline is looking. There are a few noticeable places, including the places that are sacred to the Clans. Felines can meet in these areas without breaking the warrior code technically and Clan cats might find themselves face to face with outsiders more often.

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Out of Character

General Discussion

You can talk about anything here, so feel free to get those friendly conversations between members started. Break the ice! Play some fun games! Go crazy! Just not too crazy....

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Advertising and Affiliation

This is where anyone and everyone can come to give their website some views. All we ask is if you are posting a fresh advertisement on our site that you have an advertisement board of your own for us to pay back the favor on.

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Any old threads that are ready to be retired will be moved here. Old characters will also be moved here in cases where either their RPer went inactive or has lost muse/motivation for that characters. Characters can be un-archived at any time by contacting staff.

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